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Feature Analysis - VDevGroup Seraph Holster

I get dozens of email every single week of people asking me about the Seraph I EDC and the features of it, specifically two questions - "How is it different than other holsters?" and "Is it worth the cost?"  Now, the fact that I am the Chief Developer for V Development Group should not give anyone any pause or reason to discount my posting on this topic.  I have always and will continue to always be impartial and unbiased for any and every product I review, talk about and/or mention.  The product has to stand up on its own merits and not be hyped by a gun-industry celebrity or the like.  If it has issues, I will be the first to say so.  Anyway, that is a different topic, on to the Seraph.  I am going to talk about the Standard Seraph holster version and not the optic cut / RMR version right now, I will post about the optic cut version down the road.

I have been carrying the Seraph every single day, for usually 8+ hours a day for the last ten months, through development and past the vdevgru.com site going live.  I carry other holsters as well for review purposes but this is my "go to" holster which I use when I am not T&E'ing holsters.  The Seraph I carry in is made for a Glock 17 but I carry my EDC Glock 19.  It has one of VDevGroup's premium neoprene wedges which is crucial for pushing the Seraph past the commonly accepted plateau other holsters seem to have.

First and foremost the Seraph is made out of the premium kydex-type material called Raptor (sometimes referred to as Armor Black or Tactical).  In a scene full of gratuitous camouflage, tacticool color schemes and hideous shades of Kryptek, the Raptor texture is tasteful, class and an old school way to give your high tech contemporary holster a unique look.  It is a very smooth material which, unlike standard plastic looking black kydex, the Seraph feels like leather to the skin, it also looks like leather to the naked and untrained eye.

The rear sight is covered and that not only protects you from the rear sight digging in your skin if you carry without an undershirt, it also protects the rear sights from pressure and impact.  Rear sight protection is extremely important and it is disregarded in the industry.  In each of my holster reviews I always make a point to say that the rear sight needs to be covered and protected.  I have broken rear (and front) sights on duty and in training.  If that happens during a tussle and you end up needing to draw your pistol for application only to find the front and/or rear sights not being there or being broken/moved you are liable to find yourself in a serious world of issues.

The Seraph is made by using the latest in thermomolding technology.  Every single edge, every curve, every angle is designed specifically with a purpose and not because it needs to be that way because of the inconsistencies which hand-made holsters may experience.  Only because of the level of precision thermomolding used can the features of the Seraph be consistent.

The muzzle end is rounded for extreme comfort and wearability, not a sharp/jagged angle which would cause discomfort while carrying.

Speaking of comfort, the angle cut just above the screw is specifically designed for comfort during carry, especially in odd positions (like driving or sitting on the ground).  Also you can clearly see the Raven Claw which is a positive addition to allow the Seraph to be not only more concealed but allows a better space to develop for getting a master-grip when drawing quickly.

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You can see in the above video the reholstering "click" demonstrated.  It is designed to have active positive retention while keeping the draw and reholstering of the pistol as consistent as possible.  This can only be done consistently using the thermomolding process which is used to create the Seraph.  Every single Seraph has same consistent retention which is extremely customizable through tensioning the two screw which hold the Raven Claw in place.

The Seraph comes with two attachment points and two attachment types.  Each attachment point has three levels of ride depth for personal customization of the Seraph to meet your particular carry requirements.  The metal clip shown above has a built in reverse direction clip (the cutout in the middle) which catches any belt used and keeps the holster from coming off the belt, it also keeps it in place.  We do not use the various cheap plastic clips widely used because they will come off and they will break.  This metal clip is the best in the industry for this type of application.

The image above is of the Glock 34 RMR / Optic cut Seraph but I wanted to show the Pull the Dot soft loops we use in their configuration.  These soft loops have three holes for different belt size application and the attachment points on the Seraph allow for the same three sets of adjustment points.  From low/deep concealment to a high grip.  You can also attach the soft loops staggered which can give you a cant forward or backwards.

A point about the attachments and attachment points.  All the attachments and attachment points are designed around AIWB BUT they work very well in a traditional strong side 3:00-4:30 carry setup.  The wedge would not be used in this context and either one of the attachments work in this.  Some people prefer to carry with an "FBI" style cant forward and with belt loops this is possible.

Lastly I want to show the attachment of the premium neoprene foam wedge VDevGroup offers.  Only Velcro Brand hook/loop is used for maximum durability and efficiency.

The search for the right neoprene material to use was long and very extensive.  In the above photo the left is the wedge I have been using for more than ten months, the right is a brand new wedge.  It contours to my body and to the carry position.  I will do an article just on the wedge and its properties later on.  The wedge provides for a more concealed carry by pushing the grip and sights against your body.  It also pushes the muzzle upward, away from your vital bits.  No one wants to walk around with a muzzle of a loaded striker fired gun pointed at their femoral constantly, with this wedge, you do not have to.

A point I would like to make is that with the push the wedge provides in conjunction with the Raven Claw the overall footprint of the Seraph is much less than that of other holsters currently on the market.  Some refer to this as "the bulge" or "printing" but the distribution of that is very equal and is usually not visible under slightly loose shirts.

If you have any questions, comments or just want to share your experience, please reply to this post, email me at vdm@vdmsr.com or VDevGroup at info@vdevgru.com.