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Speedcross 4 and Fast R Shoes

Unlike Jon Snow, we happen to be entering the summer months and that usually means these are the most active months for most.  This is also the time many footwear companies release a newer version of their most aggressive shoes.

Last year around August I purchased a pair of Adidas' entry into the tactical running shoe market, the Terrex Fast R.  These were, in my opinion, designed to be a direct competitor to the Salomon Speedcross 3 shoe.  I did a review of both the standard and CS Speedcross 3 shoes.  Having finished up with the Adidas Fast R shoes, and the Speedcross 4 shoes coming out not that long ago, I decided to make the switch to the new Speedcross 4's.  

I will be posting a review of the Adidas Terrex Fast R's in the next few days.

The new Salomon Speedcross 4's have a few good things going for them over the Speedcross 3 model, specifically the shoe's traction is not as aggressive and the spikes are slightly redesigned.

They also changed the overall color scheme of the Speedcross 4's to actually match without pushing that ugly yellow tab which was an eyesore for me (yellow is a weak color and if the shoes were not as awesome as they were I probably would not have purchased them with the yellow color on them), but thankfully they changed that scheme.  They have the all black "Salomon Forces" style model available, as well as the Arc'teryx Wolf color which I bought the Speedcross 4's in as I really enjoyed that specific color in their Speedcross 3 version.

The Speedcross 4's will be my EDC footwear for the hot summer months and will see a lot of work, so they will look the part when it comes to review time around september, if they make it that long.

If you are looking for my recommendation on which one to buy, I would suggest reading the review I posted of the Speedcross 3's and waiting for my review of the Adidas Fast R shoe.  Depending on your particular requirements you may not want either or will need one over the other.