Ameriglo FBI Contract Sights with Square Rear Sight

As you may have seen, I posted about the Ameriglo FBI Contract Sights.

The FBI Sights are not released yet, but you can pick up the same front sight post as the above with the below square "BOLD" notch rear.

Ameriglo has released the GL-956, at a special intro price.

Green tritium, orange outline 125" wide front sight. Green tritium, black outline serrated rear sight. Square .165" notch.
When the FBI sights will be released I will post a full review of both the square notch sights as well as the U-notch version.


  1. These new Ameriglo sights work really well for me. I've already installed them on a 17 and a 19 and I'm tempted to get a 3rd set already.

    1. I agree they do work well. I am just happy that Ameriglo is a company that listens to their customers.


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