Just mere life is not victory, just mere death is not defeat.

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Sunday Comic!

When the stats start to go the wrong direction and the results do not match the rhetoric, the top brass usually default to the one line they know will get little feedback from the media.

Now imagine you are doing a job, you know how to do that job, maybe you have been doing it for some time now and you are pretty good at it.  You have been asking for certain equipment, or certain training to do certain things better or more effectively.  You have also been asking for an update in best practices and maybe some help.  

Now imagine the boss continuously tells you no on everything, only giving what he thinks you need, not actually knowing how to do your job or not having done your job in 10-20 years.  

Now imagine your boss goes on TV and blames you for whatever issues your work has, publicly and without explaining other than saying it is your fault for not being able to do your job to a level they want you to do it at, especially without giving you the tools you need to properly get it done.  Of course he will not say that, he will say you lack the training you have been asking for, you lack other things you have no control of other than to ask for them.  

That is sort of like what being in patrol is like.