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Sunday Comic!

After all the claims of police brutality, systematic racism by evil police officer's slaughtering minorities in the streets, many departments have bought into cameras for their officers.  

What has come of all this?  What have we seen repeatedly occur in the nation due to semi widespread of body cameras integration with daily police activities?  That the vast, overwhelming, majority of police use of force is not only justified but the least amount of force required to stop the threat.  We have seen this over and over in the wake of this new technology being fielded and yet the same proponents of this want to stop their own efforts because it makes their own tactics appear negative to the general public.  WaPo reported that DC Police turned off their body cameras for the protest demonstrations.  This, is of course, in stark contrast to what the original calls for such tools was.  The reason cited was no surveillance of peaceful protests which may infringe on the protests 1st amendment rights.  

In reality, we know that the protesters wanted the cameras off because of a two fold reason.  First and foremost they cannot control what materiel comes out to the public, control of the message is the staple of the left, facts be damned.  Second, the fact that these types of protesters routine threaten, throw urine and feces, as well borderline riot during these types of protests.  This has been well documented.  This was a failure of the top police brass of that area, one which should never be repeated.