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Ka-Bar TDI Hinderer

I carry this Ka-Bar TDI Hinderer on duty and have since they were released.  Like the traditional LE TDI Blade (smaller version), it is a really nice blade with a lot of interesting design attributes.  

I like it specifically because the clip can go on both sides, which means you can carry it IWB or OWB if needed, or for LE OWB but in between your rig and your pants (usually attached to your inner hook/loop belt).  It has a push button retention system so that it does not fall out when you are running and it does not wiggle around while in there, the retention system is pretty good.

I wore this blade and sheath combo for so long that all but two of the screws in the handle had fallen out and I emailed Ka-Bar to order a replacement set, instead they sent it my way free of charge.  That is customer service I like.