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DP Customs and Robar - Slide Work

I decided to get some slide cuts on my G19 Gen3.  I did some searching and googling, ended up seeing the fastest turn around times and best price at DP Custom Works.  After going back and forth with them a few times they nailed down what I wanted and what the total price was, I shipped my slide in shortly after.  I sent the slide out in the middle of July and got it back in the middle of August.

When I got the slide back it had not been cerakoted at my request, which would have added at least two or so more weeks.  I was going to get the cerakote done locally (I prefer to get everything done locally, have to support your locals).

The local cerakote fell through so I decided that I will contact Robar Guns and have them cerakote this slide for me.  After a few back and forth emails figuring out what color and specs, I sent the slide off.  Total turn around time was about three and a half weeks, price was very reasonable and in line with the rest of the cerakote industry.  Also just a note, the best customer service level.  They respond to emails almost always within the hour and have a detailed response each time, no one liners.  

Once I got it home I had already decided to RMR this particular slide for EDCarry and installed a Dueck Defense RBU with tritium dot inserts.

On it went an RM09 1MOA Trijicon RMR.

Final Result:

Color is a grey color which I like a lot.  Front slide serrations are backed up by dragon scales on the top.  In addition I installed the S3F Barrel I had and then a TBRCi Micro Comp.  The end result is pretty snazzy.  Now to figure out a way to carry this thing without taking too much real-estate from my manhood...