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The Kryptos Dagger

Warrior's Way Kryptos Dagger is one of the best dagger designs on the market, and a training package is available from the link above.

The Kryptos is a double edged wedge dagger design with a handle designed around obtaining a master grip as fast as possible.

The handle is made out of custom cut G10.

The blade is titanium nitride coated A8 steel.

The sheath it comes in is an ambidextrous design with small black rivets and a custom metal clip hook.  Good for IWB as well as overt kit attachment.

With the training package you get a training blade, which is nearly identical to the live blade, though it is just a little shorter.

Along with the blade you can also order a Live Blade Storage sheath which is designed to store your live blade while you use your training blade.