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Centerline System Key-DC

My buddy Kevin Estila sent me this Centerline Systems Key-DC to do some work with.  

It is a little pouch, smaller than my Google Pixel phone, but it opens up and has a nice compartment.

Inside you can put all types of stuff, Kevin recommends a E&E type setup.  He puts the following items in his pouch:

Nato Button CompassBraided Kevlar CordUCO Storm matchesFerro Rod Refill from ExotacBraided Spiderwire 50# test lineAssorted Fish HooksHeavy Duty Sewing NeedlesHardback Razor or small knife, MP1 Tablets for Water Purification.  But you can also use it for a lockpick set carrier, dual purpose micro wallet / key holder or an overt kit attachment with chemlights and other required tools.

It has a lot utility and various spaces/pouches to carry items.

Loop on the back in case you want to attach it to kit.