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Streamlight Protac HL USB

I am a big fan of Streamlight Flashlights.  I carry a Stinger HL LED DS on duty and have gone through several various EDC Streamligh flashlights in the last few years.  Went from the Protac 1AA to the Protac HL - Review of both here, both of which I liked but needed something longer.  I ended up carrying the Protac 2AA which I carried until I destroyed it and then I bought another one.  Great light - Review of it here.  I started to realize that I needed something really bright.  Not because the 2AA was lacking for EDC use and application but since I did not, and usually do not, carry my pistol with a weaponlight mounted on it I needed to supplement that with a handheld white light source that did a lot of things which the previous ten-tap Streamlights did, but also had a high output. 

Enter the Streamlight Protac HL USB, bought off Amazon for around $93.

It is around the same length as the Protac 2AA but obviously thicker.

Push button activation is both momentary on high, double quick press is strobe and then low output is standard, but it is programmable.  

LED is super powerful providing an output at around 850 lumen.

You just push the protective metal ring down around the head of the flashlight and it exposes a single micro-usb charging port a single LED light which either stays constant RED when charging or constant GREEN when fully charged.  I used it all evening (around 5 hours) after sunset and it was not depleted, and took a few hours to charge back up.  Best part of this light is that you can charge it any time you have a cord, no more battery issues, no more dead battery.  When you take your phone out to charge it over night, plug your flashlight in right next to it.  When you are driving and don't need your light, charge it, etc.  I will report back with my experience.