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So I got this Holosun 2MOA RDS.  Lots of buzz about this optic online and have seen a few people running them, have not heard a complaint yet.  

The optic seems robust enough, and comes with two mounts, low and high.  Good thing since I installed the high mount, left the optic on the gun for two days and then this happened:

Yeahhhh.  Before, I get the typical "you broke it."  That may have been the case, if I was tightening it and it broke right there and then.  Except it did not break until I picked it up two days later.  Two full days.  Was doing some drills and it just, fell off.  Replaced the tab and screw with the one from the low mount, thankfully the Chinese use the same cuts and screws for both, on purpose or because its cheap? Your call.