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Winter is coming...

Thankfully you'll be ready for it, unlike Ned.  Check out this repost of good info from a knowledgeable source on the topic.  If you have not yet started to prepare you should as prices usually go up in October for winter-type gear.

Darn Tough Merino Wool Socks - If you do not have a pair, you are not just wrong, you do not know what you are missing.

Arc'teryx Beanie - I will be reviewing one a LEAF version I've had for two winters, and will probably continue to wear this winter as it's awesome.

Speaking of Arc'teryx...

Atom LT Jacket is a pretty good solution for a cool morning or evening.

For the rainy days, I stick with my Kuhl Parachute, which appears difficult to get, so I've heard that the North Face Resolve jacket is good against the rain and is packable.

Any Salomon GTX boot will do well in the winter, I'll be doing a review of the Quest 4D's eventually.

Also remember, all this stuff is not just for you.  Your significant other wants cool winter stuff and you should educate them, even though they want fashionable stuff, there is plenty of functional fashionable stuff around, you just have to look for it and get her to try some of it.