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A clueless top brass?  Welcome to the reality which currently exists.  The tides are shifting and there are things that are changing quickly.  The smart, forward thinking, leading from the front boss will have already anticipated it and taken proper action so that his street officers, overall department and community are safe by pushing for changes which have to occur.  The average, lead from the back boss will not have seen anything changing and will have left things "like the good old days" which is tantamount to leaving his officers, department and community in raging water without a life vest.  

What is even worse is when they go to the patrol officer, or street officers, those with the most experience and common sense knowledge applied every single day asking them for their input but completely disregarding it.  

We knew the street officers were out gunned years before the North Hollywood Shootout.  The top brass gave those officers the ability to carry a shotgun here or there, basically pool guns.  Which we know puts officers at risk.  

We knew our tactics were flawed and did not work properly well before Columbine.  Very few made efforts to fix the issues that we knew about in reference to this and what we have now is a still evolving active shooter policy in every agency.

We knew that the street officer is the first one on scene each and every time but they are first be neglected for any type of non-standard training and equipment.  This was shown in extremes during the Boston Marathon Bombing, when the responding officers did not have any tourniquets and as a result people died and lost limbs which could have been saved.  What happens now? Many are being issued tourniquets as part of their duty gear.  

We knew the street officer needed to learn tactics and be equipped for such a deadly force confrontation which may arise, the active anti-police shooter.  We knew this during Chris Dorner, we watched in horror when two NYPD officers were gunned down in their vehicles while eating lunch, targeted because of their uniform by a hate filled individual.  We knew this in Dallas, Baton Rouge and other places the media refused to even talk about because it did not fit their narrative.  Those officers were outgunned, and did not have the tactical training required to survive such deadly force confrontations.  This is unacceptable.  This was unacceptable and it will continue to be until something changes.

The current style of police administration will not change this.  They will not go out of their way to do anything to allow officers to be able to support themselves in the overall mission, to safely make it through a shift with proper training and being over-equipped.  Stickman wrote an open letter detailing much of what I've posted above.  

Demand change in your community.  Demand that your patrol officers be trained properly, equipped properly and supported by their communities to do what is required in order to make living your respective community safer.  The brass won't do it.