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Results of Mod's to Carry Gun Survey

Thanks to everyone who took this survey, which I posted on Pistol-Forum, DefensiveCarry, Arfcom, WEVO, RedditFB, and GunDistrict.  In total 1,063 people submitted an answer to the survey.  Some people had problems because SurveyMonkey's software does not like Apple products for some reason, so I will not be using it again because it left people out who would have otherwise submitted an answer. 

Reason for Survey
Target market surveys are not just for companies looking to gain information on what the market wants or needs, it is also very helpful for those looking to maximize their time by jumping directly to what the majority of people are carrying, in this case.  Seeing what modifications the majority of people do to their pistols helps someone who is considering other mods compare those mods against what other people are or have done.

Limitations of Survey
This survey was not specifically targeting Glock or polymer pistols and while the answers did lend themselves to that variant the "other" option allowed people to type out their particular modifications, which I will detail towards the end.  This is also not an all-inclusive survey since it has very limited options and while had just more than 1,000 people submit answers it is more like a political poll of a sampling, so consider the results with the same level of speculation.  The difference between this type of survey than the political poll type is that 100% of the people who submitted answers actually carry a pistol in some manner. Assuming no one just submitted answers just to do it and does not carry, but you can assume an error of 4-5% per set of results.  I intentionally left out the option for "Aftermarket Barrel and Trigger" because of the obvious lack of people having those two modifications and no aftermarket sights.  In fact, not a single person wrote that in the "other" option.  I also did not include an option for night sights or non-night sights (fiber optic/all black).  This is because I wanted a quick survey without too many options.

(Highest to smallest)

205 people only have aftermarket sights on their carry gun.  That makes up for around 19%.  

197 people do have any modifications at all, they carry the gun the way it came out of the box.  This makes up for around 18.5%

133 people have aftermarket sights and trigger.  This makes up 12.5%

126 people have aftermarket barrel, sights and trigger.  This makes up around 12%

108 people carry with some type of magazine addition, extension or aftermarket magazine.  This makes up around 10%

85 people have an aftermarket barrel and sights.  This makes up 8%

74 people reported to have stipple on their carry gun.  This makes up 7%

39 people have replaced their OEM trigger with another OEM trigger from a different model gun.  This makes up for around 3.5%

30 people have fully modified guns in the context of aftermarket barrel, sights, stipple, slide serrations, aftermarket trigger and magazine extension/etc.  This makes up for nearly 3%

26 people have only an aftermarket trigger.  This makes up for around 2.5%

5 people reported only having an aftermarket barrel.  This makes up for about .5%

35 people posted other responses which ranged from them not reading the questions of the survey and writing the same options which were able to checked or just their personal opinions on their EDC guns (I included them into the correct group of answers if applicable), here is a sampling of "other" answers which were interesting:

Remove HK lockout mechanism
Butt Plug
Its a wheelgat
Talon grip tape
Talon rubberized grip
grip reduction, magazine release modification, slide stop replaced
Grip reduction, grip chop, reflexive sight, re-worked trigger, aftermarket slide release, Suppressor back-up sights.
Talon Grips
Aftermrket sights, beavertail grip safety, cerakote.
Lazer grips
OEM crimson trace laser grips
Ambi-Safety on 1911 - Left Handed
Ghost Evo Elite connector and springs
grip take and gadget
ambi safety, trigger
Does wayne brady have to choke a bitch?

Apparently there were a few people who carry a gun with a gadget installed.  A few people have grip tape and 10+ people have a laser grip of some sort.

  I went through the total amount and something around 20% of the people who checked "aftermarket sights only" also checked "OEM trigger but from another gun"

What does all of this data mean to you?
The survey shows that 315 people or 29.6% have an aftermarket trigger along with other modifications

The survey shows that about 246 people or 23.1% have an aftermarket barrel along with other modifications.

374 people or 35.1% have either an after barrel or an aftermarket trigger.

The survey does show that a good amount of people just want a gun out of the box that requires no modification.  Like Sig or HK's with their OEM night sights which have an aftermarket look to them.  

So when you are looking for what modifications to do to your EDC gun, you may want to refer to the numbers generated here.  Most go with aftermarket sights first and then move on to a full trigger or trigger trigger modification or barrel.

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