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Warrior East Expo 2016

As I do every year, I make my trek down to VA Beach and hit up Warrior Expo East setup by ADS inc.  

Pretty much every year the same companies show up and have some of their new stuff, sort of like a very mini and specialized shot show.

I always stop by Knights Armament first and meet up with Jack, who I have trained with numerous times over the years, he runs their MIL/GOV sales.  After hanging with him and his coworker Richard, I went exploring...

Unity Tactical Clutch was one that caught my eye.  Lots of various options that come with it.  You can use your own kit with it.  Low vis or in the trunk type of setup, lots of hook/loop.

S&S Precision Plate Frame is always pretty cool to see in person, has their mag pouches and shoulder plates.  Hoplitearmor uses their setup with various plates, pretty good looking setup I would really love to have a set to use at work one day.  They also had their Performance Denim pants with their holster systems, very interesting setup, definitely would make for a very concealed gun, I am just not sold on the concept just yet.

Streamlight had a bunch of their goodies out including this Protac HL4, thing is  a beast.  They also had their TLR6 Glock addon trigguard light/laser combo.  They had one on a 42 but they have one which would fit a 43.  Pretty cool setup.

Endeavor Robotics showed off its lineup, including the EOD type of bot that very closely resembles the Dallas EOD robot that was used to blow up that terrorist.

UTM had a little shoot house demo thing going on.  Pretty damn cool stuff and a very cheap alternative to SIMs.  FOF is a must for all serious training.

Below stuff I did not take photos of but I saw and wanted to mention:

Steiner Optics P4Xi 1-4x24 - I got a chance to mess around with this and play with it in my hands.  Rep said it would be around $500 when it comes out to the LE/MIL market (which will undoubtedly be open to the public as well).  It is a very lightweight optic, comes with a magnification ring cat tail out of the box (so no aftermarket cat tails that suck) and the reticle is pretty good for the price.  Their P3TR is optimized for out to 400 yard accuracy, at 1x it had a daytime visible red dot and its as true of a 1x as I have seen around, nearly as perfect as my USO SR4c.  Steiner has a 1-5x currently out as well as some other optics.

Above photo is from Solsys from last year, LBT "Project Zero" PC, I forgot to take a photo of it.  A pretty slick setup which accepts hook/loop "cards" which can be M4 mags, shotgun shells, med, pistol, etc.  This is a pretty cool setup which has a wide range of potential.

The TYR tactical Uniform Belt caught my eye when I was walking around TYR's giant display.  They have a lot of cool stuff, I have a BPC from them that I really like.  I may end up getting one.

Leupold LCO was at the Leupold booth along with a few of their other very cool optics.  Spoke to the rep there and apparently we can look forward to some cool BDC optics coming out soon for various other calibers.  

Remington Defense MSR is one solid and serious rifle platform.  This thing caught my eye, maybe it should catch yours.

The Troy Responder SBR/PDW caught my eye.  Lightweight carbon fiber handguard, PDW stock, takes their suppressors, which I did not even know they made.  Pretty cool setup.  

   Of course I had to chow down, went with the guys from KAC, Leupold, Remington Defense and girls from Troy to Mannino's Italian Bisto - Highly recommended, everything was awesome, especially their crab soup, would eat there again.

More coverage can be seen at Solsys.