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Thieves Rob a Man But They Had No Idea He Was Carrying

Good video, few observations...

He went for his gun immediately, that was an unconscious movement because he let off right away and put his hands up - if you watch it again he goes directly for it, instinctively, but doesn't draw because he had a gun pointed at him, he also keeps his right hand away from the BG who was closest to him, then blades and makes the draw.

Notice GG makes the choice of battle ground and orientation, maybe consciously, maybe not, either way it ended up with him having a direct line of sight of both BG's and the closer BG had to look away to see his buddy - this is good 

Point blank shot to the low chest area and immediately makes contact with second guy - this is good.

Shot one handed the entire time when there was no need for it - this is bad - learning point

I assume he made physical contact with the second male to make sure he wasn't holding a weapon and to restrain him - that's a judgement call every person will have to make and each situation is different so, good and bad there. I would not have made physical contact, but that's me 20/20 hindsight in my PJ's.

No reload of his gun, maybe doesn't have an extra mag - this is bad - learning point

Immediately scans for third guy after he shoots the second guy, doesn't make sure first BG is out of the fight before moving but does look at him several times to assess his status - this is good because he made a choice to move and make contact, he made an assessment before movement - think then move

Personal opinions on application of AIWB:

The BG who was closest to the GG made physical contact with the GG. This means they were both in each others reactionary gaps. The BG made contact with the GG's shoulder allowing his hands to be free, this is a bad move on the BG's part. At that point the position of the holster would almost be irrelevant. Furthermore, if the GG preloaded his draw - by placing his thumb underneath his shirt - he would have drawn and contact/face shot the guy before he would have been able to react, even going slowly. Someone who practices the draw and combatives would have been able to elbow/spear elbow/face hit with hand while simo-drawing his pistol and doing some contact shots - two or three would be nice - single gun shot to the face would have been best, hit the switch if you can access it. Moving on to the second guy would have been easy as well since he lined himself up for secondary contact, again holster position is irrelevant at this time. 

A blade comes in handy in this type of situation - hypothetical:

BG grabs GG's right hand/wrist instead of shoulder - would require a separate action in order to begin a draw stroke, like striking the BG in the face, GG ripping hand away which may get unnecessary attention. Solution is to have a blade accessible with both hands, left hand draw stroke into BG's carotid artery, use it as a handle as you simo-draw and put bullets into the second BG. 

BG=bad guy
GG=good guy