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CSAT Monthy Newsletter

I do not normally post CSAT's (Paul Howe) monthly newsletter, however I may start to since Howe is among the top names in the training industry and really knows what he is talking about.

In July's newsletter, Panteao Productions was referenced as to their shady business dealings.

It is with regret that I ask CSAT followers not to purchase or stream any CSAT content at Panteao at this time. This is reference to not receiving compensation for my work. Life is a people business and I try to give everyone chances and support them until I see things go in the wrong direction. Even then I still try to correct issues give positive advice. At some point I must step in and do what I think is right. Depending on how this issue is resolved, I will likely support Panteao in the future as I think it is a very viable and worthwhile business. I am removing them from the front of my web page until become current with the royalties due.

I have seen other posts on forums through the last few years that paint Panteao and its bad business practices.  Do your own research but understand that when someone like Paul Howe says something like this, it is really worth listening to.