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Samson MFG Trijicon MRO Mount

Samson MFG send me this MRO mount to T&E and review.  I have been in the market for an MRO mount since I had to swap it to a different upper had to dremel into the mount because one of the screws seized up.  I will be heading to the range to zero the gun and see if the zero holds with a few drills.  Stay tuned.

Top shot, showing the mounting channel.

Shot from the bottom, showing the retention system.

Locking mechanism.

Adjustable tension system.

Comparison of the two mounts, as you can see the Samson mount has a slightly larger foot print and is slightly heavier, it is a quick detach system however so this should be expected.

Macro shot of the OEM Trijicon MRO mount screw that I had to dremel to remove.