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Range Report!

Hit the range and decided to do something different.  Not really decided, more like could not shoot a 200 drill because I forgot to bring some replacement centers and they did not have any B8's.  I used this target but don't know the size of each circle the red dot looks to be an inch, and it gets bigger from there.  I decided to run a 100 with three different guns, without score, but under a serious time constraint of 5 seconds at 25 yards from high ready.

Top target was with my Gen4 G19 EDC W/ Dueck Defense Iron Sights and S3F Threaded Barrel.

Middle target was with my soon to be EDC FDE Gen3 G19 w/ Ameriglo Defoor Sights (tritium).

Bottom target was with my  G19L with Dueck Defense RBU w/ Trijicon RM06 RMR.

Not too shabby, always can work on accuracy.

While at the range I picked up a box of the Inceptor by Polycase ARX 80gr 9mm Ammo.  Will see how it works out, hopefully I'll get a chance to do some testing on vehicles and/or rubber dummies.