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Gun Crazy

Before you read anything below the video, please watch the video and then click on the "Click here to read more" link on the left below the video.

The propaganda is pretty serious in this one...

So apparently liking a good action film, like John Wick or something a little bit more classic like Commando makes the American people "Gun Crazy."  Lets, for a moment, disregard the fact that this country was founded on gun ownership which was well before the first "gun" related movie ever came out that it makes this entire point laughable.  Let us focus on the above video and the rhetoric it presented.

The video started off with a BS "gun violence" rhetoric number of 32,000 people killed with guns.  Vox tried this crap and Crowder crushed them, fact is these are criminals doing criminal things and no laws, no infringements, nothing other than lawful use of violence against them will ever stop it.  

Not every single video they showed of real life shootings  occurred in the US.  This video occurred in Brazil but was sensationalized with a voice over about a man wanting to kill his wife.  What they so blatantly leave out is that every single video is of criminal actions and not actions of responsible gun owners using their firearms in their lawful defense.  The video where a TX Trooper was shot point blank is a training video used in many LE academy classes and shows what happens when a single LEO attempts to apprehend two criminals after a pursuit, the Trooper survived because he was wearing his vest and the two criminals were later apprehended.  

The on going theme here is that criminals get firearms illegally and that firearms themselves are not the problem, the over reaching and infringing gun laws are the issue, the criminals are the epidemic because they do not follow the laws and will always find a means to conduct violence upon the citizen, or LEO attempting to stop their criminal conduct.  

After you get through the video you see the "audience" talking about how evil guns are and how "you should watch this film before you buy a gun."  What this video really showed is how weak minded people are and how easily manipulated they can be, or at least appear to be, as that video was more than likely a scripted bit of propaganda.

Without actively building a relationship with violence, we invite it to build an abusive one with us.  For a man to use violence, he must respect reality. That kind of respect is seen less and less each day.   Today's man would rather look away and close his eyes than do violence. The catch, though, is that he expects the violence to have been done on his behalf by the time he reopens them.
Master Chim @ The Pressure Project

We, as humans, are naturally pulled by strength and violence.  We all want strength and the appearance of strength but most are mentally weak and cannot create a path to becoming strong.  This is why we enjoy action films and strong characters using violence against their enemies, this does not always include gun-related shoot em up's but it also includes movies like Red Sonja and the Rocky series.  

You can see people cringing, covering their faces and appearing as though they are about to cry while watching their movie.  A sad response is normal for people watching others being killed. Especially, if they are helpless to do anything and that is if they would have done anything in the first place.  The video goes on to show the "audience" talking about "what really happens" and how it is "disgusting and disturbing."  It most definitely is disturbing because every single one of those criminals should have been shot and killed by a legal gun owner, during the act of violence.  Every one of those situations depicted shows a potential lawful use of a firearm in the defense of human life, but of course there were not any clips covering that aspect in they video.  As I mentioned in a previous post - "Get in the fight", the NRA-ILA keeps a running list of Armed Citizen "good shoots" or you can check out youtube for compilations of "good shoots."

The sooner people accept the fact that there are bad people - criminals - out there who are going to try to kill them, the sooner they will become stronger and bring the fight to them.  Arm yourself, train hard and fight back, do not accept some bullshit narrative.  Those who want to disarm you are the same people who will not lift a finger to help you when you are met with violence, but will expect others to help them because they are unable to help themselves.  They are weak and they want you to be weak like them and that is unacceptable.  There will never be enough law enforcement in the US to protect every citizen.  It falls on the shoulders of the average responsibly armed citizen to step in and conduct violence upon the criminals that would threaten our way of life.

Seek strength through mindset, through training, through the pursuit of the American way of crushing the enemies of the law abiding citizen.  Do not accept weakness and take steps to strengthen yourself every single day.