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Extended EDC Setup

A photo posted by @amtacshooting on

Decided I'll post my own quick "EDC" of kit I normally run with..

(L -> R)

Ameriglo Glow Sticks | Celox Rapid Hemostatic | JM Custom Kydex AIWB Holster which takes my G19L w/ Dueck Defense RBU with an RM06 RMR | Rainier Arms SBR <- link to full spec list | Stickman Flag Cap | Gemtech G5t inside a Cole-Tac suppressor cover | MSA Sordin Pro-X Supreme Earpro | SKD Tactical PIG Gloves - Left Bravo FDT w/ M67, Right Alpha w/ Pineapple | VTAC Gen1 Sling (link is to 5.11 but its the same thing) | RAT Blade from WarriorsWay, TX | SOF-T Wide Tourniquet (best TQ on market) | Bianchi Russet w/ Taran Tactical Mag Extension on a G17 Mag | Lumtec B23 Carbon Prototype Sitting on a personal leatherbound notebook | Black Sharpie (you should always have one)