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Surefire Titan Plus Flashlight

As I posted before about the Surefire Titan Plus Flashlight, it is pretty neat.  

The clip on the Titan Plus is held in place by the top cap screw which mean it will not break off.  That's my old Streamlight 2AA behind it, all banged up.

The Titan Plus has a snap-on black plastic key-chain attachment.  While it may look flimsy (I thought it was at first) it has a really good positive retention for the little light.  If you take the black plastic cap off you can connect the screw down metal cap to your key ring if you wanted to have a little bit more security in retention.

Taking the light apart you see all the parts, the body with gaskets for water resistance and an Eneloop pro AAA battery which was included.

The inside of the head lamp, you can see the circuitry.

The front of the head lamp you can see the bright LED.