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Range Report!

As always I start off with a 200 drill.  The above is a 200 drill in 60 seconds, ran cold, with my EDC Gen 4 Glock 19 with an S3F Solutions match barrel with Dueck Defense red fiber optic front sights using Fiocchi 115gr 9mm.  Getting used to the sights but that is not really an excuse, threw two shots two hand strong hand, totally unacceptable.  Threw two rounds strong hand only and two rounds other strong hand only.  Put up a 165, will be better as I work with the sights more.

Since I had issues with my EDC Gen4 G19 that I fixed with new parts.   

Did a walk back drill, could have been slightly more accurate, but I wanted to see exactly what the sights do at what distances.  Acceptable for first shots with new sights.  Of course I'll keep posting my experiences as I have them.