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G-Code / Haley Strategic INCOG IWB Holster System - Second Review

This is an update to my previous review of the INCOG, specifically because the first review was only in an AIWB (appendix inside the waist band) carry position and without the mag caddy.  This review will be with and without a mag caddy, AIWB, IWB (traditional strong side carry at 3 o'clock) and other person's opinions other than my own whom I let carry with this holster for several months at a time.  I will not cover some of the concepts and topics I normally do since I already reviewed this holster, but will try to cover all the bases that I may have missed before.

The INCOG reviewed here is for the Glock 19, it is right handed in Slate Blue "fuzz" on black kydex.  It comes with a matching mag caddy and two three hole Haley strategic branded clips.  If you were to purchase this identical system direct from G-Code it would cost you in the area of $112.20 plus shipping.   

Reason for Purchase:
I did not purchase this holster, I got it in a show of good faith directly from G-Code to review stemming from an intellectual property situation which they resolved with a high degree of integrity.  I specifically asked for this type of holster with this type of setup because I wanted to do a good and thorough review of a setup many people seem to be interested in and it was nice of G-Code to supply me with their holster system to do such a review.

First Opinion:
Just like in my original review I quickly realized the holster is big.  Measuring about 5.5 inches wide, from furthest points.  This holster measures just a hair under 5.5 inches, where the original holster I reviewed measure 5.875 from bottom of holster to top of sweat guard.  I do not know if this is because of manufacturing changes or just the nature of working with kydex (most holsters will be just a little off, which is within acceptable standards and will not impede function.  Diagonally from the edge of the mag caddy tension screw to the bottom of the third screw point of the holster is just under 7 inches.  When contrasting just the holster (without the mag caddy) to another holster, like the JM Customs AIWB Holster, the INCOG is slightly larger and in both width and height.  

In the Field:
I decided to carry the holster only strong side first, at 3 o'clock which is a traditional carry position and the same position I wear my duty gun at.

The process for setting it up correctly by finding the right place for the clips and screws was not difficult.

As you can see the clips snap into place against the belt and allow for positive retention.

Side view concealed under an XL shirt.

Front view concealed under an XL shirt, as you can see there is a little bit of a ledge from the pistol.  After I put the shirt over it I knelt down and stood back up to give it a more accurate look of what it would be like during every day appearance.

Starting the draw stroke.

Master grip.

Beginning of presentation/retention position.

Two hand grip pre-extension.

Side angle view re-holster procedure.

Barrel finds the hole.

Thumb should be on back-plate, that is a bad rep for me, I'll fix that going forward.  

In the Field:
I added the mag caddy and decided to carry it around in that configuration.  Now the position I carry at 3 o'clock is slightly forward, the last clip is at 3 o'clock and the gun is almost at 2 o'clock, so with the mag caddy its almost an appendix type setup.

Carry position, with G19 15rnd, ETS Group Magazine.

XL shirt covering, angle view.

With G17 17rnd ETS Group magazine.

Front view after kneeling down.

Beginning of draw stroke, angle view.

Master grip.


Starting the reload.

Magazine deployment.


Immediate action, just for kicks.

Ownership and Usage:
When I pushed this setup with the mag caddy forward, to the AIWB (appendix) position, that is when things really got interesting.

That is about the position I carry a G19 AIWB and while I have no gut or beer belly, this really makes me feel like I do.

As you can see from the above image of me standing up straight, even with an XL shirt (L is my standard size of choice, wore an XL for example purposes only) the hard edges of the gun and magazine are visible, that is after I do a kneel and stand to show how it would look under normal everyday use.  

Even from an angle you can clearly make out that there is something at the 12 o'clock position.  

Third Party Experience: 
A coworker of mine was looking for a G19 holster that would have a mag attachment and I gave him this INCOG to try to out.  He has a much bigger build than I do and cannot carry appendix so he always carries traditional strong side 3 o'clock position, most single clip holsters move around on him and his preference is two clip holsters since he has a good bit of mass to get around.  This would be an excellent opportunity to have someone with a different body type give me their first hand experience with this holster.  He carried it daily for a little over three months.  He said that within a week of carrying it he had to remove the mag caddy.  It was not only uncomfortable but was clearly visible and would catch on random pieces of clothing.  He went on to say that once the mag caddy was removed he could only wear the holster for short periods because it would start to dig into his hip.  This may or may not be specific to him, but I know from personal experience I could not sit for very long while carrying AIWB because it would rub against my thighs and when it was carried strong side it would push against my hip bone.  He went on to say that he had to keep it as deep of a carry as it would allow because if it was too high the gun would catch on his elbow or arm. While it was in the deepest carry position available it would be difficult to draw.  He gave it back to me and went back to his go to APX Holster.

Final Thoughts and Recommendations: 
As far as draw times and speed go, its nearly as fast as other INCOG I reviewed, I put consistent times of 1.1x-1.4x seconds (fastest to slowest) from both 3 o'clock and AIWB carry positions.  In AIWB position, pistol reloads were faster with G17, G17 magazines with TTI extensions and the ETS Group 22rnd magazine because I was able to get a grip on the mag better and faster, though a G19 15rnd magazine worked, I had to sometimes fish for it.  In the 3 o'clock position pistol reloads were just a tad slower in the area of .8x-1.0x seconds, this was probably because of the requirement for a complete reach across the body.  I was able to find the correct retention threshold for the pistol and magazine, most holsters with a tension screw require some tweaking, I got it to the right tightness of draw.  I did a few sessions of hand to hand training while wearing this holster and I can say that once you go to the ground you will hate yourself for wearing it and the only worse feeling I have ever felt was a standard duty rig (like a Safariland level 3 retention holster) and I did have the gun fall out once during a roll but that was before I adjusted for tension properly, afterwards I had no such issue.  For my body type this holster is not the answer, especially for AIWB carry.  If holster rub does not bother you, then you could probably get away with carrying it strong side, but even then you had better know how to conceal your pistol properly because it will be visible by anyone who is in the know.  Personally I will stick with JM Customs, Darkstargear, APX, and the Eidolon holster if I want a lot of modularity in a compact package.  Contrasting this INCOG holster to the smaller INCOG Eclipse which has a single clip, the answer is pretty obvious, that is unless you like bulky holsters.