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Winter Attire

I get a few emails every time I post photos of clothing and I wanted to post about winter clothing and what you should be looking for in terms of carry solutions.

The above is an Arc'teryx Atom LT Hoody, you might be wondering why its so big, that is because it is a XXL.  The standard LT Hoody size is very tight on me, which may be good for warmth or whatnot, but it really sucks for a draw stroke.  The LT hoody has side cords to cinch it together at the bottom if you get really cold but the way I wear it seems to be perfectly fine in terms of warmth while giving me the ability to conduct a proper draw-stroke.

There are several ways to draw from concealment when wearing a heavy, bulky or otherwise nonstandard single layer of cover.  I prefer to get my draw hand thumb into a master grip position as fast as possible.  If that means I have to hook from underneath the jacket from the front or back I will do that that first.  My other hand will either catch the clothing to keep it in place or I will rip the clothing up, sort of like a two part grab and rip draw.

Even a single-clip holster in AIWB position, like the Master-Mind Tactics Tulpa, drawing a G19L with an RMR on it is fairly easy and quick.  Outer layers that are heavy or tight will add serious time on your draw stroke and you should always practice drawing and shooting, as well as adding movement into the equation to make sure you can properly engage whatever threat presents itself.