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Range Report!

As always I start off with a 200 drill.  The above is a 200 drill in 60 seconds, ran cold, with my EDC Gen 4 Glock 19 with an S3F Solutions match barrel with Trijicon HD sights using Winchester White Box 115gr.  Most of my two hand strong hand, standing free style, was on the left of the black which means I wash putting a little too much on the trigger squeeze, or something like that.  The rounds on the ends of the 8 ring and those into the white are unacceptable.  Last time I shot at the range was in the beginning of November and it shows.  The S3F Solutions barrel is starting to show its capability.  I am very surprised at the accuracy this barrel appears to be capable of.

While at the range I saw this purple monstrosity.  Literally the purple step child of the Glock world.

Then to make it up with some eye bleach level awesomeness there is this 500 express S&W with these 700gr rounds.  Yes, you read that correct.  Why does someone need something like this?  Because when you have to shoot the guy that just broke into your neighbors house and is hiding behind the frig, through several concrete walls and an elephant.