Gerber Impromptu Update

I posted about the Gerber Impromptu when I first purchased it and have been carrying it on duty ever since.  It uses a Rite in the Rain refill that finally died on me this past week, of once or twice a day use.  I use other pens for normal writing but this one when I have someone in front of me and I need to write something or near vehicles.  I got this pen in October of 2013 and it just took a crap on me.  What's wrong with it?

I had the writing end out and was writing when I needed to break some glass.  It worked as it has worked before, shattering the glass and allowing me to do what I needed to do.  When I retrieved the pen I found it non-functional.  The above photo is what went on inside the pen.  Apparently doing what I did with the point end exposed made the Rite in the Rain refill jump and misaligned with the spring.  I had to take it apart to fix it.

After reassembly and since then the tip of the refill sticks out and hangs up on deployment.  I do not know if it is the spring or the clicker itself, both seem to be in fully functional condition.  As you can see from the above photo and the first photo of this post, the glass breaking end is still in excellent condition and does not require replacement.  I am going to get another refill and see if continues to work the way it has.  I could probably review it right now but I'll give it another few months of use before I write one up since I want to see how a refill works out and if it will hold up to hard use.


  1. Hi there Voodoo Man,

    This is Jim from Rite in the Rain. Indeed, the writing end is not to be extended when the glass breaker is used. The ball point at the end of our ink cartridge would be destroyed by such a concentrated, forceful, and deliberate blow. As far as the internals, they are likely to be damaged as well (though I will not speak on behalf of Gerber, our partner for this product, in this instance).

    A replacement refill will perform as normal. It sounds to me that it is indeed the spring alignment is damaged, or perhaps the teeth on the locking mechanism higher up on the pen have been stripped. Gerber Gear customer support would be the way to go with this, though I will caution that they may determine that you've used the product outside of spec.

    I hope that helps. You're welcome to contact me directly at


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