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Range Report

I hit the range and ran some drills, as usual I post up a Range Report.

As always I start off with a 200 drill.  The above is a 200 drill in 60 seconds, ran cold, with my EDC Gen 4 Glock 19 with an S3F Solutions match barrel with Trijicon HD sights using Fiocchi 115gr 9mm.  I threw a bunch of rounds strong and other strong hand.  Have to work on my fast shooting one handed a little bit more, as I shot this drill very quickly, probably completed it in under 50 seconds.  Accuracy starts to suffer when you shoot really fast.  One thing I have noticed with the extended/threaded S3F barrel is that the thread protector seems to unscrew.  I guess some blue loctite will prevent that, I'll report back with my experience.

bove was shot with a Gen3 G19 w/ Barsto barrel with modified Ameriglo Defoor Tritium night sights using 115gr Fiocchi 9mm at 25 yards.  I only counted 16 holes, but I did a decent job of punching out the X-ring so the rest may have gone there as I did not see them on the untouched large NRA B8 target.  The above target would be a 182, which is pretty good in terms of accuracy.  I took my time between each shot and took three full breathes between them.  The Defoor sights are very easy to use and extremely accurate.  The Barsto barrel helps a lot and the wondering hits in the 8 ring are all strong and other strong (except two at the top).  So I am still going to working on this gun/barrel/sight combo to see how effect they are.

I also ran several FAST tests/drills, which is a drill from pistol-training.com.  I did not have their standard targets so I setup two 3x5 cards horizontally about 6-8 inches apart, vertically.  I ran it 4 times, slowest time was 5.54 and fastest time was 5.14.  I was running an Eidolon AIWB rig with my EDC G19 and was reloading from a Glock mag pouch at my A-Line on my other strong side.  I was wearing a button down shirt, so I was running the drill from concealment.  I could have probably gone a little faster but decided to make sure I was getting hits over speed.  No photos or video, I may do some next time.