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LG HBS-750 Update

For those who are looking to get into the Bluetooth headphones/head set market, primarily for working out or heavy use in other than calm scenarios I would steer clear of these.  The first set which I posted about died on me about two weeks after I used them everyday.  They are not sweat proof and during one session of running they started buzzing non-stop and stopped functioning.  They did not charge afterwards.   I returned them for a replacement, figuring it was a one off  issue except the same thing happened to the second set, on the first run, about two miles in.  Literally same exact issue.  Returned them and got a replacement again, this time I will limit use to driving and just general use outside of working out.  I called LG to see if this was something they warranty and was told that the HBS-750 are not sweat proof or even remotely water resistant, and that sweat or water voids the warranty.  Thanks for nothing LG, thankfully Amazon replaced them - Thank you Prime membership!

A buddy of mine told me he has been using the Jaybird X Sport blueooth headphones for sometime and he's a big workout buff, so I decided to give them a try.  I will update as my experience follows but as of now, the LG HBS-750 are a no-go for workouts.