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Warrior Expo East 2015

Went to Warrior Expo East in VA Beach over the last two days.  Was not as good of a showing from the last two years.  Safariland, Daniel Defense, Tyr Tactical and L3 had bigger than I remember displays.  FNH had a smaller display (but an auto sbr scar and their interchangeable barrel precision rifle on display) and KAC got pushed to the back of the show, which sucked.  Surefire didn't even show up.  SIG came out but did not bring any of their suppressors because "the suppressor guy couldn't make it in time."  Well that sucked, I really wanted to see their suppressor line.  I only took a few photos and some of them came out crappy so I won't post them.  Stuff that stuck out to me as being interesting enough to share are below:

Phokus Research Group had some pretty cool pouches out, they are the company that developed the plate shaped trauma kit.  They have vehicle kits, they have individual officer kits, they have standard kits, they use CELOX and FOX products .(which I have used before and recommend over quikclot)  The above pictured item is a non-woven bandage that has no coating of any kind, just a sterile bandage to push into a wound that would otherwise not require a clotting agent.  Check out more at their webpage

Trijicon displayed their new LED AccuPower optics.  I have a 1-4x MilSquare on order right now.  The bigger one is the 4-16x.  If you are in the market for an optic and are even remotely considering anything else you should do your research on these Trijicon optics.  Once I have the 1-4x MilSquare in hand I will post photos and an initial impression.

Troy had a display and had their PDW attached to a few rifles.  The bottom one has their new Carbon Fiber stock.  It is very light, like half the weight of a BCM KMR.  Pretty cool that a large company is getting into functional carbon fiber rails.