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I have been using SEAL 1 CLP paste for almost a year now.  I was told by a rep I met in person that it would take roughly 3-5 treatments to remove other products and impregnate the metal with this solution.  I have been using it on my EDC G19 for a while now and it shows.

In the above image you can see how grimy and dirty the inside of the slide is.  That's about 500 rounds worth of dirt since I last cleaned it, same goes for the Barsto barrel.  

Above is the breach-face of the barrel, as you can see its pretty dirty.

The dirt on the paper towel is after one wipe, no brushes, no product, nothing other than a single swipe.

Obviously large particles are difficult to remove without a good cleaning, but they come off pretty easily with a single wipe.  No photo since I didn't clean it up, I like my guns dirty!

I will continue to use the SEAL 1 CLP paste when I clean my firearms and report back.