Chrono on various Glocks

Hit the range today got a bunch of data, shot the above Glock's with 124gr WWB.  Will post results later.  Also shot Corbon DPX 95gr and Liberty 50gr 9mm rounds out of the G17L to see what numbers it puts up.


Following are FPS for 9mm Winchester 124gr (whitebox)

Glock 26 (Gen4):

1102 | 1116 | 1112

Glock 19 w/ Barsto (Gen4):

1145 | 1167 | 1162

Glock 17 (Gen3):

1165 | 1168 | 1161

Glock 17L (Gen3):

1241 | 1238 | 1215

I was also able to shoot 95gr Corbon DPX and 50gr Liberty through the G17L to get chrono speeds, though I only had one of each round to shoot, I may do more testing later to get better numbers.

Corbon DPX - 1352fps
YouTube Link to AmmoQuest Test of Corbon 95gr DPX

Liberty Civil Defense 50gr - 2200fps
YouTube Link to AmmoQuest Test of Drywall of Liberty 9mm
YouTube Link to Gun Runnerz Gel Test of Liberty 9mm


  1. Thanks for posting this. The nerd in me decided to take the data a little further. It appears that the average speeds (read G26, G19, G17, G17L) are 1110, 1158, 1164.67, 1231.33; with a spread (max speed - min speed) of 14, 22, 7, 26. What was really interesting is the difference in velocity as the barrel length increased. (G19-G26) 48 fps, (G17-G19) 6.67 fps, and (G17L-G17) 66.67 fps. The first and last deltas make sense, but the middle (G17-G19) surprised me. Granted I don't really know what it all means, but found it interesting food for thought.

    1. I agree very interesting, indeed. Especially the 2200fps 50gr from the g17l


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