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shot show 2015 AAR

This is the first time I went to a SHOT show and I was not entirely impressed enough to want to plan on coming back.  That said I did see a lot of cool stuff and I want to pass on some info that I got at SHOT.  I will not be posting my own pictures as I did not take that many with the intent on posting them; there were plenty of people walking around with setups for pictures.  I will also only be talking about stuff I thought was awesome.  Everyone and their mother has seen a dozen AR15's, AK variants and other random stuff.  What you see here is the only stuff that caught my attention.

Glock's MOS was expected eventually but they did go ahead and release certain models to compete, specifically, with the aftermarket as well as M&P's CORE setup.  Since I had an RMR'd Glock I found Glock's decision to move into this realm a good thing.

(from opticsplanet)

Armasight's Zeus Thermal and their mini thermal (pictured above) were awesome.  I got to play with them and I was very impressed with the sturdiness and overall functionality of the two units.  The price points were also very interesting, the Zeus was recently reduced and comes in at around $3500, which is excellent for an entry level thermal imaging device.  

If you have not had a chance to check this out, even in videos or pictures, you are missing out.  This dual optic system is basically the next level in rifle optics.  They will get smaller and slicker eventually, but this one is amazing.  In my opinion this was the #1 newest/hottest item at SHOT 2015.

The NEMO Arms 300 Win Mag AR15 rifle is incredible.  If you have never fired a 300 Win Mag rifle you will know that in a semi-auto version it is like carrying around a .50, well almost anyway.  One of the reps at their booth said he was hitting consecutive hits out to 1000m without issue.  I don't doubt it.

(from recoilweb)

Wait, that'st he same gun as above!  Yes it is, except Gemtech developed a 300 Win Mag supperssor for it called the Dagger.  Pretty awesome...speaking of awesome stuff, Gemtech released their "The One" and instead of me talking about it, Alexander from Gemtech does a good job in this video.  Also if you don't know, Gemtech makes muzzle devices that support all of their suppressors in the same quickmount system.  What does this mean for us end users?  Low probability of point of impact shift and being able to seamlessly swap "The One" suppressor from rifle to rifle without worry of mounts and other stuff.  I also so their SBC (Suppressed bolt carrier) if you run a suppressor in a DI gun you should probably check that out.

Primary Weapons Systems introduced a 12.5" .308 that can only be fired while suppressed. Pretty cool.  

PWS also introduced their Glock 19/17 aftermarket slide.  Pretty interesting approach to the whole Glock modification thing.  Instead of messing this the trigger, just pop your barrel into the slide and you are good to go.

More stuff to come later.