Raven Concealment Eidolon Glock Holster

I had ordered one of these when they first came up on SolSys.  I ordered a G19 short cut version, got the call it came in as I got on the airplane to SHOT.  So I still have to pick it up.  I did however stop by RCS's booth at SHOT and Kyle Defoor was there talking these up.  I ended up getting my hands on a G17 version of one and went through a few progressions to getting it setup where I like it.  I may end up changing the setup when I get my G19 holster since it'll be shorter but the larger G17 version you see below is setup the way I am going to carry it (if I carried a G19).  I tried out the belt claw(s), in both setups and they did not work for me.  I like to wear the holster canted slightly forward (sights forward towards belt buckle) and trying to get a master grip did not work too well.  I ended up putting the rubber wedge in the middle of the holster (since I currently have a G19 in it) and  that gave me the right cant for proper grip.  The accessories that come with the holster are purpose designed with concealment and a minimalistic approach.  I will take more pictures as I get time as well as video of draws.  When I get the G19 holster in I will take pictures of comparisons, side by side.  More pictures below and stay tuned for more on this holster.


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