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Range Report!

Went to the range today, specifically to zero my SWFA 1-4x SS Tactical optic on my 11.5" BCM SBR and my USO SR4c (pictures coming soon) on my MK107p.  But since I was there I decided to run a 200 drill, cold, like I always do every time I hit the range.  

I was shooting my EDC G19 w/ Barsto Barrel, 9mm WWB 115gr, put up a 161.  Two hand, strong hand/freestyle, I threw four rounds out of the black, two in the 7 ring.  One hand, strong hand only, I threw three rounds, even in the 5 and 6 ring which is unacceptable.  One hand, other strong hand only, I threw two rounds, one I called (the one in the 5 ring was a twitch).  Not bad, but could definitely improve, not too far off my last time in November.  

Since I was at the fun shop I always make sure I look at all the goodies they have sitting around.  

Troy PDW stock thing - heavy and expensive!

NV, weapon mountable - not too shabby.

While I was there I was told a Gemtech G5-T came for me.  Guess I better get that Form 4 in so I can have it for the summer!  Always good to be surprised.