Just mere life is not victory, just mere death is not defeat.

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RIP NYPD Officers

If you have not heard, two NYPD Police Officers were murdered by a POS.  You may not have heard that around 9PM last night (12/21/14) another POS decided that he wanted to kill another one of NYPD's finest, but failed.  Master Chim hit the nail directly on the head.  These types are barking up the wrong tree and they will definitely realize the mistake these POS's made on their behalf.

Below is a FB post P/O Ramos son, Jaden posted yesterday.  This does not just affect those two brave officers, it affects their families, their coworkers and thousands of others who bow their head him remembrance.

When you see an officer on the street, thank them for their service.  If you know anyone who is in LE, call them, tell them and their families that they are in your thoughts.  For the rest of us that put on the badge, vest, gun everyday and go out on the street everyday, keep your head on a swivel and make smart decisions.  Your family and the rest of LE counts on you coming home every night.