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Volund gear works cobra belt 1.5in


Per the VolundGearWorks website, this is a 1.5 inch width belt with "stiff scuba webbing sandwiched between two layers of flat webbing." I purchased this belt direct from Volund for $75, I have owned the belt for a little more than 6 months, of that I EDC'd the belt roughly 5 months.  The logo above says it is made in the USA, which is important since like many others I want to support American manufacturing and small businesses.  The cobra buckle is stamped "Made in Austria" which I can accept since I do carry a Glock.

Reason for Purchase:
I purchased it specifically for a review of the Garrity's Gun Leather AIWB Holster, since it does accept larger belts.  I also wanted to try out the cobra belt that Volund offered.  It also allowed me to wear it in a smaller looped belt.  This was the second belt I purchased from Volund, I purchased a 1.75 inch G-Hook which I also reviewed.

First Opinion:
Having owned a Volund belt before I knew the quality was top notch and I expected it to be.  The belt worked well out of the box.  It is thinner than the 1.75 inch G-Hook belt I own and that means it is a little bit more slick.

In the Field:
The belt help up really well, as you can see.  Not really much to report in terms of quality it is top notch.  The belt is rigid enough to hold various attachments like blades, mags and a holster.  

The cobra buckle latch is a two clamp system, so both sides have to click into the female end in order for it to have a positive hold, sometimes it not completely lock so that is one function aspect that requires checking.  

I have never had the belt come loose on me, even through various physical and firearm training.

Ownership and Usage:
The only issue I came across is that some pants have shallow belt loops and that requires the male part of the cobra buckle to come off the belt in order to loop them through, REI pants specifically and some jeans.  Also some pouches that are not clips, like DarkStarGear Glock Mag Pouch require part of the buckle to come off as well.

Final Thoughts and Recommendations:
Like many things, the type of belt you prefer to wear is based on what you are doing.  Since this cobra belt requires taking part of the buckle off in order to loop through the pants as well as mounting certain pouches or holsters (respective to  mounting hardware) I decided to get a 1.5 inch version of the G-Hook belt, but in Kryptek Typhoon on Arc'teryx Wolf gray.  I prefer the G-Hook version over this cobra buckle, but again it totally depends on personal preference, a lot of people like cobra buckles and this one is top notch quality.  This review was not as long as the other review for the 1.75 specifically because there was not that much to report.  The belt did well, has very small amount of damage from EDC use, and the buckle barely showed signs of wear.  If you are a cobra buckle belt loving person, do not hesitate to grab one.