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Warrior Expo East 2014

Last year I posted about going to Warrior Expo East and I decided this year to go down as well.  As always ADS put on a good show and there were plenty of friendly people representing their companies.  I apologize ahead of time, all pictures were taken with my Galaxy S5.

When you walk in you are greeted by the Blue Force Gear raptor, sporting some serious kit, definitely a force to be reckoned with.

I stopped by the Team Wendy booth and they had their, soon to be available, EXFIL ballistic helmet.  It is very light and it is going to retail in the mid $900 range, which is pretty good for a modern ballistic helmet.

There were some drones displayed, which is pretty interesting to see in person.  You can see from the first picture of the size reference to the guy on the right (put him in the picture on purpose). 

FLIR had some devices available for demo.

Manta Rails had a beer coozie, alongside their barrel, suppressor and rail cover kits. 

IniPower displayed their generators as well as the one pictured above, which can run on alcohol, any fuel and other types of liquids.  Pretty cool!

Steiner-optics brought out some laser devices as well as optics.

Barrett showed an MRAD and a special lightweight barrel, imagine a lightweight barrel on an 82A1?

Over at the SIG booth, they had some really nice stuff on display.  The collapsible stocked 300 blackout suppressed PDW is awesome.  Check out the front grip.

The SIG P320 Nitron (Full Size) caught my eye.  Has a few nice features, including OEM night sights, trigger isn't sloppy, striker fired and does not require the trigger to be pulled to be taken apart.  The reps also showed how the gun can be taken apart and the only serial numbered part on the gun is the trigger group so you can swap lowers and uppers at will to make different guns.  This is a very interesting concept!

Watch out for this guy...

Safariland has released their 7xxx series of holsters and slick mag pouches (the tan/fde rubber things next to the holster).  The holster is a one piece injection molded plastic that has plastic rails build into the design to guide the firearm in and out of the holster, instead of the suede-type stuff in the 6xxx series.  The plastic mag pouches are accordion style on the side and they can take everything from single stack 9mm to double stack .45 (and probably larger, 10mm?), retaining it safely and securely.  Also able to use Safariland's attachments on the holster and the pouch, which is awesome.  This will definitely be replacing my old and beat up 6360.  Currently you can get a holster for the Glock 17/22, soon others will follow.

Streamlight does not disappoint with their new Protac HL 3, pushing out 1000 lumen's of LED eye pain.  You may have read my Protac HL review, I really like it and this was the first time I was able to handle the light.  Definitely something I'll be picking up in the future.

BE Meyers had a booth with a bunch of cool stuff, including laser devices.  These are really sweet looking.

Geissele and ALG had a booth where you could try triggers out, instantly makes buying a $250 trigger completely justified.  They also had a rifle sporting their new M-Lock rail.  Excellent build quality as always.  They had some sweet stickers and patches too.

Surefire had a booth with a really nice spread, suppressors, lights and lasers, not really much more you can ask for.

Velocity Systems showed off some of their plates as well as their BOSS rugby shirt, which is awesome by the way.  I am going to get one to run under my armor since its super breathable and would definitely help out during the summer months.

As usual, KAC brought out a nice assortment of awesome stuff.  SR25 ECC's, shorty and tradition length suppressors, their proprietary PDW and even an SR47.

Celox had a spot as well and they had a video playing on a monitor that showed their Celox blood clotting solution at work on a pig's arterial cut and stopping it extra quick, comparing to quick clot/combat gauze not really doing the job in nearly the same amount of time.  I am going to be changing over to Celox in my med kits.  Also the chest seal (pictured above) kit, comes with two seals, they are smaller then the Bolin chest seals, and work really well.  The rep at the table opened one up and slapped it on his arm, it became warm and then was extremely sticky, he said that you can remove it, roll it in dirt and them put it back on (not that you would do that) without compromising its stickiness.  Awesome? I think so. 

A few that I did not snap any pictures of was Uber Group's booth which displayed Arc'Teryx, Salomon and Suunto.  While I do not own a Suunto watch, I did a review on the Salomon Speedcross 3 shoes and will be doing another review on their footwear soon.  I also own a few articles of Arc'teryx clothing, and it is top notch.  I completely forgot to take a picture of their Naga hoody in wolf color pattern, specifically because I was drooling over it.  

You can check out more coverage of Warrior Expo East over at Soldier Systems, who I saw walking around chatting it up and snapping photos.  Since I did not get to take the amount of pictures I wanted, so I am going to link from them on these next two:

Check out SS's coverage of KLIM, specifically the multicam garments they took pictures of at Warrior Expo West.  KLIM had that mutlicam jacket on display and it is a pretty serious piece of kit.  One of the reps showed me a video of them setting it on fire on a test dummy with flame flowers and it extinguished itself in a matter of seconds.  Talk about awesome, definitely a brand to watch for new kit.

(image is from soldier systems)

The above is a picture of Hodge Defense's, hopefully soon to be available, custom built AR15 upper/lower/rail.  I had a chance to sit down with Jim Hodge and pick his brain.  I have a feeling we will be hearing more about Hodge Defense and seeing his rifle's here or there very soon.  He has a very specific eye for detail and does not want to compromise when it comes to specifications.  His rifles feature the best of the best parts and for the parts that he could not find to meet his spec's (uppers, lowers, safeties, etc) he had them custom made to his spec's.  I am going to be keeping an eye out for his work and more than likely end up with a rifle of my own to T&E to do a review on.