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Glock 19 RMR Process

I had recently purchased a Gen4 G19 that I had plans for, though I was originally going to send a Gen3 G17 I had that is pretty custom, but figured the G19 would get more use.

I have seen pictures of different Glocks with RMR's and figured I had the funds to do it and wanted to see what the whole deal was about.  I did some research to this effect and ended up with a few places that did this type of service: ATEiZev TechL&M Precision GunWorksSalient and One Source Tactical.  After figuring out that the most cost effect (and least time consuming) would be L&M or One Source, I sent them emails for quotes.  L&M and One Source got back to me in the same day I emailed (the rest did not get back to me).  I as quoted a 2 week turn around time from One Source and around the same from L&M.  I had also heard that L&M was moving to a new shop and/or he was on vacation, so me being the impatient person I am, I went with One Source.  I filled out their online order form, got my shipping info and sent my slide out, following their instructions. Cost = $155 (including RMR sealing plate / aftermarket screws) + shipping $9

During this time I picked up a Trijicon RM08A RMR, which is an amber colored triangle, used off ebay.  I did a little of research on this, a few places said bigger dot is better, a few places said smaller dot is better, no one recommended the triangle which is why I went with it.  Since I have an RX06, which sits on an 11.5 inch AR, I figured I'd have familiarity with it. Cost = $340 shipped

I also picked up some Ameriglo Suppressor Sights, which are about half the cost of the Trijicon version.  One Source supplies flat black suppressor sights, but I figured night sights would be the best bang for buck in this case. Cost = $85 shipped

I sent the slide out, and One Source confirmed, via email, they received it and began the process.  Shipping to them took about a week and once they got it, I received a shipping notification from UPS about a week later.  Thanks to Memorial Day long weekend, it took about 15 days for it come to me once they received it, so about 21 days total from the time I shipped out the slide.  When I received the flat black sights were not installed per my request.  My original sights that I sent the slide with were also enclosed.  The sealing plate and the aftermarket screws were attached to the slide.  The slide was wrapped in bubble wrap and there were two TSD Combat System stickers.

I am no machinist so I do not know if they used a machine to do it or if they hand milled it on a press, but I am going to guess a machine.  As you can see the milling process is pretty good.

The aftermarket screws provided were referenced in the instructions, which said only use them since the OEM RMR screws may not work.  Before I did anything I took some High Heat Flat Black Rust-Oleum and sprayed the milled part, used masking tape to cover the slide surface.  I put some red loctite on the screws and hand tightened them onto the slide, putting the sealing plate under the RMR.  Some of the research I read said use blue loctite, but I figured I wouldn't mind applying heat to the screws when/if I will need to remove them.  I installed them and the front Ameriglo sight and let it sit for a few hours.  When I hit the range I zeroed the RMR at 25yards on an NRA B-8 target, shooting a 200 drill, which I forgot to take a picture of.  I scored a 187, all 10 shots standing freestyle were in the 10/X ring.  It did take a little bit of work to get the RMR to zero and then the rear sights to zero to the RMR, I still think its slightly off, but I'll have to play with it.

The whole process took around 25 days from the time I paid for the milling and shipped it out and cost around $600 (not counting the Glock), I included tax/gas and excluded cost of ammo to zero.   It is a $1000 Glock after everything was said and done.  Does it do everything its supposed to? Did it blow my mind? Was I sub-moa at 100yards? No.  My accuracy improved very minimally and that was to be expected.  I'll have to figure out holster options now in order to carry it.  I'll probably end up using my Raven Vanguard 2 for it until I can get a custom holster made so I can carry it with the Viridian X5L Gen2.  I will post my progress.

Just as a note, I was going to go with L&M for the milling, but the fact he was on vacation and the shop moving thing threw me off.  I had read some people had good reviews of the TSD slides as well as their milling so I went with them.  I have no affiliation with any of the companies I mentioned above, and am not making any promises on your experience with them.