Gun Fighter Moment - Kyle Defoor

Lane Splitter

Everyone has heard the term “stay in your lane.” If you stay in your lane your whole life, you’re never going to experience the other lanes of travel. In my humble opinion, just like riding a motorcycle, it’s best to be a lane splitter. However to be a good lane splitter you got to be humble and use your signal before you go into the fast lane. When someone says they do a certain technique, use a certain piece of equipment, or shoot a certain gun, don’t assume that they don’t know what they’re doing if its not what you do or what you agree with. In a lot of cases there’s a rhyme to the reason. Venture out of your lane and into theirs and learn WHY they do what they do.
On the flipside if someone bashes you for doing something, explain to them why you do what you do or use what you use. With no ego involved one party or the other will most likely learn something.
In regards to shooting it all comes down to what’s faster, what’s more accurate, and what will make a quicker kill. In regards to tactics it comes down to what makes the most sense for keeping personnel safe and completing the task as quick as possible without giving the enemy the same advantage. If the road you’re on doesn’t match those criteria, or you looked over and people are passing you by then you should get out of that lane.
Also know that in some cases all lanes of travel lead to the same interstate.
Kyle Defoor
“Trainer of Feeders”

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