Testing 9mm "defensive" ammo on Velocity Systems plate backer

Was at the range over the weekend and we decided to test out some "defensive" 9mm ammo on different targets.  I do not know the practical application for whatever the results show other than the obvious impact, so take this at face value, since this was in no way any type of scientifically measured test.

We took a Velocity Systems plate backer which is level III.  It was shot with a .40 flat nose, 9mm 124gr ball, 9mm cor-bon powrball, and 9mm speed gold dot.

 cor-bon powrball

speer gold dot

124gr ball

In the above picture you can see the impact points.  On the center right is the cor-bon powrball, bottom right is the 124gr ball, top center is the speer gold dot (right below and to the left is a 223 round that zipped through). 
In the above picture you can see the opposite side of the plate.  The cor-bon powrball is on the bottom center, we flipped the plate and shot different sides of it, but you can figure out which impact is which.  We also stabbed it a few times - blades go through with little effort.

We then took a Cold Steel Buckler someone had and decided to shoot that.

Top to bottom: speer gold dot, hornady critical defense, 124gr ball, cor-bon powrball, federal EFMJ.

Then 124gr ball

First was the speer gold dot (clean performance, right through)

Then critical defense (didn't quite make it completely through)


Then cor-bon powrball (largest whole by eye measurement)

Then we had some Liberty Defense 9mm 50gr so we shot the buckler and soft plate with that, I did not take any pictures of the back of the buckler or the soft plate after these rounds, we got sidetracked with other stuff.  The 50gr grounds did go right through the buckler and penetrated the soft plate enough to do take a good chunk out of the piece of wood under it, not just dent it like the other rounds did.

Again, I want to stress this is not in anyway a scientific test and take the results at face value or not at all.


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