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Garrity’s Gunleather In-Victus AIWB holster

I was lucky enough to be in the right place and the right time and able to get my hands on this holster - Garrity's Gunleather In-Vicutus AIWB holster - to T&E.  While I have been carrying AIWB with the Raven Vanguard 2 I have yet to get an actual "holster" that is designed specifically for AIWB.  Also the fact its not kydex makes me get flashbacks from my first carry days when I carried a leather Galco holster. 
Initial impressions are that this is one really well made holster, and not just well put together, I mean it not only looks the part but whoever put this together had the right idea.  Since the holster is leather it has a very tight initial fit.  I will have to run my G19 a bit through the holster before its the right type of retention that, but I have no doubt this will work well through some serious use.  There are two initial issues that I had to deal with.  First being the fact that it is a lot bigger than my normal appendix carry setup, so I had to change what I wear (a normal tshirt, especially light material or short/tight fitting allows printing), second I have to buy another belt, since the Atlas 1.75inch belt I have does not work with this setup since it takes 1.5inch or smaller belts, so I ordered a 1.5inch Atlas Cobra belt.  Stay tuned I will be keeping a "carry log" with this holster (in the Gear Reviews page)