Carry Log: Garrity’s Gunleather In-Victus AIWB holster

Carry Log

7/15: Wore for 8+ hours walking around in the city, with a Wilderness Survival belt.  The bottom of the holster with the suede pushed up against my lower stomach pretty seriously and it was uncomfortable towards the end.   
7/16: Wore it most of the day, which had a good amount of sitting in it, no pain, no issues really other then belt I am wearing needs to be replaced with a better belt (which is in the mail).  I did a little dryfire/draw fire/reholster without looking type stuff.  Nothing super serious or for time (yet) but it seemed to be working well.  It still needs to be broken in as it rides up when I draw, to get around this I wish there was a way to loosen the retention. (maybe a screw?)
7/17: It was in the mid 90's most the day and I could feel a burning "hot spot" right where the holster was.  I was wearing a sleeveless undershirt, which wears short and the suede was rubbing against my skin for the better part of the day.  Not a very comfortable setup.  Holster is still riding up during draw stroke, has not been broken in yet.
7/18:  Also a mid 90's day, except I decided to wear a regular undershirt (5.11) and while the holster did not bother me like it did yesterday, it did annoy the hell out of me, specifically because of the heat/humidity and how I wanted to wear lighter clothing but since it is fairly bulky I could not.  Received my 1.5inch belt (Atlas cobra) in the mail, much better/more comfortable carry over the Wilderness Survival belt.  Wish the holster had clips to mount onto the belt and I did not have to run a belt through it.
7/19: 100+ degree's outside today, left the holster in the drawer, wore the Vanguard 2 instead, lighter, more form fitting and allows me to wear lighter clothing without printing.
7/20: Very hot outside, decided to leave it at home when I left.  I did however snap some shots for the Wilderness Belt review with the holster. (Towards the bottom of the review)  Just to show how it sits.  I will take more when I finish the review for this holster.
7/21:  Still very hot, decided to wear a thin and semi-tight tshirt for the day and  that meant I am not wearing this holster.  I find myself deciding on if I want a holster that is comfortable and has deep concealment (like the Vanguard 2) or if I want a holster which has good retention, reholstering and better drawing potential.
7/22-7/31: Was on vacation and did not bring the holster.


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