Update: Salomon XT Wings 3

If you remember this post, I purchased a pair of Salomon XT Wings 3, less than a month ago.  Well I am not liking them and will have to shit-can them.  Thankfully I purchased them at REI, so I can just walk in and return them, which I will do in the next few days.  I will probably exchange them for a pair of the  Salomon XA Pro 3D Ultra CS WP.

Might be wondering why, primarily because they are Salomon's interpretation of a traditional running sneaker, which they work extremely well in, on dry surfaces.  I nearly killed myself, twice, on wet surfaces wearing the XT Wings 3, and I am used to the Speed Cross 3's wet surface capabilities.  The XA Pro 3D will have better wet ground stability.  Also, the fact that I already have a good running sneaker (a pair of New Balance running sneakers) and I do not need another one.  Hell, I might pick up another pair of Speed Cross 3's since I was so happy with them.

Quick update: I went ahead and returned the XT Wings 3.  While I was at REI tried on the regular XA Pro 3D Ultra and the waterproof version.  There was just something about them that I did not find as awesome as the Speed Cross 3's that I have been wearing for the last year.  So I figured I will pass on getting a new pair of Salomon's and stick with the Speed Cross 3's until they are unwearable.  I understand that any footwear has a maximum amount of mileage you can put on it, but I really like them and do not want to give them up just yet.


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