Shot Show 2013 Pix *1/19/13 UPDATE*

Just a few links of pictures from around the internet - if anyone does not want their material linked, by all means let me know I will delete the link.  Enjoy.

Low Light, No Light Shot 2013 pics -
CIVL, (civilian legal ATPIAL/PEQ) Pics/info -
Magpul 2013 New products
Surefire YT 2013 video

1/17/13 has some good shotshow coverage here is a link to their pages:
ITS - day 1
ITS - day 2
ITS - day 3

Anyone that knows me, knows I love me some tomahawks.
CRKT has some on display at the show
Need a cool flask? Might be the one for you
- both by way of gearscount/militarytimes


2013 shotshow recap - from m4c

More to come when I find them...


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