Logic, not emotion!

Due to the recent events in CT, the talk about gun control is literally running rampant.  I do not care for the politics as politicians rarely have any type of clarity, or logical response to a problem.  We all know who has what agenda and I do not care for it either way.  This post is not about that.  It is about an article I read on policeone.com, "Active shooters in schools: The enemy is denial" by Doug Wyllie.  The article is basically about what Lt. Col. Dave Grossman has to say during an LE seminar about this whole thing.  Makes a whole lot of sense, because its logical, not emotional.  Take the time to read the article and if you have not read Grossman's books yet, might want to pick them up.  While I do not agree with some aspects, they are still a good read and give a good detailed explanation of how people respond to death/killing.


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