Veterans Day - 2012

I work with many who are Veterans, and I thank them, as I thank anyone reading this blog who has served honorably in our military.  Thank you for your service and for keeping us safe.  If you have an older Veteran living near you, this may be a good opportunity to stop by and thank them, maybe a 6-pack, maybe some cookies, but a thanks is definitely in order.

I was linked to the website for Veterans day and found this picture:

Even though many of you reading this blog have had power, and probably zero issues concerning power, food or shelter, there are many on our east coast who have yet to get power back and have lost everything.  If you feel generous (I know the economy sucks right now for everyone) enough to donate, please do so to a trusted and verified foundation. Red Cross and Fema - links.  Please do not take this as an ad or political agenda of any type.  I have already donated to both of those foundations as well as a few local (to my AO) business owners who made some trips up towards the effected area.


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