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STG Light Holster - Pix

I received a request for some more pictures of the STG (Sayoc) IWB light holster.  This holster supports G19 and G17 (you can see from the pix the longer grip) with a TLR1s, WX150 (which is on the G17 in two pictures) and after you tighten down the screws my Viridian X5L Gen2.  Why is my holster carbon fiber looking? Because I like high speed shit, obviously! Seriously though, its 3M DI-NOC C/F wrap.  I chose it because the kydex cuts holes in my shirts and I like how smooth the C/F wrap is.

G19 w/ X5L Gen2:

Close ups:

My beat-up, used and abused Gen4 G19 with X5L Gen2.