Ameriglo Pro-I dot VS. Defoor sights

I was up in the air on which sights to buy for my Gen4 G34, and I decided that since I probably was not going to conceal carry it, I did not need any type of night time reference point.  Also since the G34 is the competition model, accuracy will be the most important part of the gun.  I decided to go with some sights that received good reviews for accuracy and since Kyle Defoor's name is on them (not literally, but you get the point) I pretty much figure they are the real deal.  I read a post on Defoor's blog and after that I decided to get them, I know these sights have been out for a while, better late then never right?  I have been using and carrying the GL-201, Ameriglo Pro-I dot on my Gen4 G19 and G17.  Excellent sights in my opinion and they offer the best of both worlds in terms of accuracy and night time, low/no light, application.  So this is less of a review (although I will review the GL-201 later), more of a physical comparison and my initial observations on the difference between the two.

The different in the two sets of sights, per the Ameriglo website are:

.115” wide serrated front sight with a flat black rear with a .150” rear notch.
 Pro-I dot:
.140" wide front front sight with Single Dot Rear (green tritium, no outline) featuring a .180" rear notch

Different angle/view:

While the rear sight is smaller and has a lower profile on the Defoor's, the front sight is still very small small while looking through the it, not like the Pro-I dot, where the front sight has a large, more hefty presence which allows for a faster acquisition.  Yes, obviously it does it has a great bit orange ring, I know.  Pictures of the front sight through the rear sight, you can see there is a difference in the amount of space between the notches.

I will probably run the G34 a few times in some type of timed event and see just how fast the difference is between the two sights are, obviously a G17 is slightly different than a G34, but I feel as though the Pro-I dot's will be slightly faster to acquire then the Defoors.  Only time will tell.


  1. I was introduced to the Defoor's by JimD and have been using them for about a year now. My only other reference to Glock pistol sights were the plastic ones the gun came with and I made do with them before I knew better (I even ran them in IDPA for a while and did just fine). I finally switched to the Defoor's and my performance improved quite a bit. At 25 yds, I can see a huge difference. As far as speed went, It took me a bit to get used to them, but now....I am quite happy. I did paint the front sight white then red with a paint marker, it pops nicely.

    1. I contemplated painting the front Defoor sight a different color, but want to put some time behind the gun and the sights before I do. When I installed the sights I ran a 200 drill in 60 seconds and was very happy with the "accuracy" of the front sights over the Pro-I dot, even though I am pretty accurate with them. Then again it could have been the added length of the G34 which aided in the accuracy. Only time will tell!

    2. I was debating between coloring the front sight red or orange, but the red just seemed to catch my eye better. Considering I was shooting at clay pigeons at 25 yds....not surprising. Still, they worked just fine as black on black and I used them that way for a while too.

      I tried out a friend's Warrens a while back ago and fell in love with them, but for 30 something bucks, the Defoor's were a good experiment that just happened to work well for me.


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